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motionbats cat a
MotionBats Cat - Regular
motionbats cat b

MotionBats Cat - Bold

motionbats cat c

MotionBats Cat - Black
motionbats jump a
MotionBats Jump - Regular
motionbats jump b
MotionBats Jump - Bold
motionbats jump c
MotionBats Jump - Black
motionbats rider a
MotionBats Rider- Regular
motionbats rider b
MotionBats Rider - Bold
motionbats rider c
MotionBats Rider - Black



Type design family showing motion sequences.

To give to typographic pictograms –static for definition– the dimension of motion.

MotionBats family
are 9 fonts integrated by 3 variants:
MotionBats Cat
MotionBats Jump
MotionBats Rider
3 type styles each:
Regular, Bold & Black.

Frames included:
MotionBats fonts are provided with an useful set of frames.

Available fonts at: >

Movable type

MotionBats are inspired on the photographic work of Eadweard J. Muybridge [1830-1904] –a talented multi-faceted Englishman– who worked in USA by the second half of the 19th century.

In those early times of photography, he started –almost by chance– taking a comprehensive and impressive photographic sequential series of human and animal locomotion.

This way, he placed himself more than a decade ahead from the beginning of cinematography.

MotionBats points to pay a humble and certainly incomplete homage to such a pioneering and amazing Muybridge's work.

MotionBats at

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